Vodice diving-scuba diving centar is situated in Vodice on the most beautiful sea in the world-adriatic sea. Our business is to provide a full range of profesional quality, diving services and products for divers and potentional divers safetly and comfortably in a friendly environment, at a fair price.

General mannager is Stipica Birin-scuba dive leader ADRIA (Adriatic Diving Recreational Instructor Association). We are equiped with state of the art profesional equipment: Mares, Sepadiver and Coltri sub, 2 air compresor-Bauer KA 15-15 EH 440 l, Coltri MCH 16 268 l, 10 m diving and taxi boat by experience captain Stipica Birin (ex croatia navy 1st officer). Leader of our headquarter is Antonia Bastić Birin. If you have any questions please tell free to contact us.


General manager Stipica Birin
mob: +385 (0)98 9196 233

Contact Antonia Bastić Birin
mob: +385 (0)98 1914 597

We speak German, English, French and Italian